Team Profile

The team is one of the most important factors in an investors decision to take up any specific opportunity. However ground-breaking the business idea may be, if the team is not able to deliver on the dream, then it is just a good idea.

Investors like repeat founders with a proven track record, so first-time founders need to try extra hard to show why they are capable of turning an investment into a decent return.

Passion in the product is a necessity, but as a business grows, the founder will be less and less focussed on the product and will need to spend more of their time managing the business itself. Having the right team in support (as co-founders, as members of the governance or advisory boards, or by affiliation to an accelerator or incubator) will help to show an investor how the company goals will be achieved, and how the future valuations will be realised.

In an early-stage pre-commercial investment, the team is the most important factor for an investor to consider. They are backing the capability to deliver the idea, as much as the idea itself. Show how you have the right mix of skills, or access to the right expertise to be able to assess and deliver.