Registration (IR) Number

Upon lodgement of an R&DTI application with AusIndustry, a receipt number is generated. This is a reference of the format RRDAA-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx where the x’s represent numbers.

This receipt signifies successful submission of the application into the AusIndustry system. Most applications are then processed automatically, resulting in a confirmation letter containing a Registration Number of the format IRxxxxxxx.

The confirmation letter is typically received in 24 to 72 hours, although can take 2 to 4 weeks during busy times of the year (July and April) or during the summer when high quantities of staff are typically on leave.

The receipt number can be used to track the progress of the application if the IR number is delayed by quoting the business ABN and RRDAA reference via:

Phone: 13 28 46

Email: R&

The IR number is required to be included in the tax return as part of the R&D Schedule.

If a pre-registration review is initiated (part of an AusIndustry compliance review) then they may request further details before they issue the IR number. If this occurs, it will add significant time to the process and require documentation and detail to be submitted to AusIndustry. It may even include interviews or site visits.

The confirmation letter is emailed to the Declarant (company representative named in the application form) and the Nominated Contact (usually your tax agent).