There are so many Business Advisory and R&D Tax companies jostling for space in the marketplace. How on earth do you choose the right advisor?

Well if you ask us, we believe the best advice comes from an expert you can trust. Our business is built on introductions from companies that share our values and are confident to align their own reputation with ours. We’re proud to count many of our clients and partners as friends, and some of them we have even invested in.

The people you’ll be working with

Jeremy Worthington, Founder

Jeremy started out as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. Then, following a successful career in professional services including KPMG and PwC, Jeremy founded Worthington & Associates. His vision? To provide business advisory and R&D Tax advice with a personal touch.

Having worked with businesses large and small across the UK, Europe, Japan, China and Australia, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to help solve the problems you’ll face on the journey. To say he’s great with numbers is an understatement, but Jeremy also knows how to get your business moving in the right direction. He makes processes efficient and profitable. His Big 4 training and SME industry experience helps him get to the root cause of financial or process issues. And he’s passionate about providing truly personalised solutions for your business.

Jeremy’s been busy since the R&D Tax Incentive scheme launched in 2012—he’s facilitated over 400 applications and counting… you could say he’s got it down pat.

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Jonathan Turner, Collaborator

Jonathan runs his own R&DTI firm and works with Jeremy to ensure everything meets a high quality standard. We’re talking a seriously tech-savvy guy who knows more about R&DTI than just about anyone else in Australia. Jeremy collaborates with Jonathan to ensure everything is peer reviewed and robust.

After starting his engineering career at Nissan (where he met Jeremy) and Bosch, Jonathan spent 11 years with KPMG managing R&D Tax Incentive teams as well as on the ground working on the most complex of calculations and difficult of claims. Jonathan led the KPMG R&D Tax practice up in sunny Brisbane before forming RDTI to offer a high-value service directly to companies looking for expertise and professional advice. RDTI’s portfolio covers a range of industries but has its heart in automotive and motorsport. RDTI is built on referral and values personal reputation, integrity and quality of service, delivered in a personable and flexible style.

Jonathan is fully hands-on and likes to get to know everything about the companies that may later become clients.

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“We’ve worked with Jeremy as a partner, delivering R&D services to our clients. I can say, without reservation, that Jeremy has gone above and beyond in providing service to our clients. His professionalism, and all round niceness, in dealing with us, as partners and our clients for service delivery has been exceptional.”


Remco Marcelis, Standard Ledger

“Cool, calm and collected is how I would best describe Jeremy. He has been a long-time supporter of the Churchill Club Australia and was instrumental in helping us deliver our first Top Tech Trends Debate.”


Bec Kempster, Churchill Club Australia

“Worthington & Associates helped make our R&D claim pain free. They were swift with the claim preparation and concise in their wording. Brilliant to work with. We will certainly be using them again in the future.”


Dennis Savic, CEO Savic Motorcycles

“Jeremy is a real asset to my business and a trusted advisor to me. He took the initiative several years ago to reach out and understand our startup and our R&D tax needs, delivering much improved tax efficiency which, in turn, gave us ‘cashflow lifeblood’ to grow. Thanks Jeremy!!”


Tom Le Grice, Founder