Investor Ready

At some stage, most companies will require funding to achieve growth. That funding requirement may be small and satisfied by a grant or a loan, or it may be more substantial and require a more formal arrangement with an investor. For the purpose of this guide, it is assumed that the entity is a private company.

The larger the investment, the more information that will be required by the investor but the basis of being investor-ready is the same regardless of the route taken. It is necessary to understand and present the business in a way that clearly shows how an investment will be multiplied up to a profitable return over a particular duration, and that the team to do it understands the potential issues and has the capability to overcome them.

The key factors that tell that story are:

  1. Product-Market Fit
  2. Financial Model
  3. Team profile
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Risk analysis
  6. The Ask…and what you’ll do with it

For capital raising from investors, these will be summarised into a short Introduction Deck if making cold introductions, and then a longer Pitch Deck to support the initial discussions. The documentation and underlying evidence documentation may be made available in an Electronic Data Room (EDR), via a management platform, or simply through a secure section of your own website.

For grants and loans, the information will be transcribed into the application form provided by the organisation or lender, but some may still require an interview and therefore a pitch deck.

Experienced professional assistance can help to format and present the data, and to ensure that the integrity of the data will hold up to investor scrutiny. However, the bulk of the information will come from the business itself so ensure that you have done the preparatory work before you spend money on presenting it.