Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)

Most founders are fiercely protective about their ideas, especially if they have not yet set up any patent protection and are pre-commercial or even pre-development. It is a common pitfall to think that everyone who needs to be briefed on the idea therefore needs to sign an NDA.

In reality, turning an idea into a business is the hard part, and if all it took was to learn the idea, then there would be far fewer businesses that fail in their early years. There are hundreds if not thousands of would-be entrepreneurs walking around that can state that ‘they had that idea’ before it became an active business ‘and if only they had acted on it’…

The capability to deliver on a dream is what differentiates successful founders, and is what investors are looking for. They are not interested in trying to steal your idea, and do not spend time reading and signing NDA’s. Do not expect a potential investor to commit to an NDA, sending one is the quickest way to the reject pile.