Application Process

The R&D schedule which forms part of the company tax return requires a registration number (AusIndustry-Innovation Australia Number, a 9 digit reference which starts with IR) to show that a description of the activities have been lodged. That IR number is sent by email (to the declarant and nominated contact) as a result of lodging an application describing the eligible activities.

As of 17 May 2021 the application process is via a portal, which requires information about the company and then a description of the technical activities and the reasons why they are eligible for R&DTI.

W&A collects the company information via a Zoho form and we will help you to assess your activities and prepare your descriptions.

This process needs to be repeated each financial year. Although the projects and activities described in any application may occur over more than one financial year, an application describing the specific portions of the activities conducted in the financial year to which it refers must be lodged within 10 months of the end of the financial year.

For a financial year ending 30 June 2021, the application must be lodged by 30 April 2022. If an application has not been lodged for a financial year, the tax return cannot include R&DTI expenditure.

Noting that company tax returns may need to be submitted before this 10-month deadline, means that the practical timing for submitting the application may be dictated by when the company plans to submit their tax return.

The return of the IR number is typically quoted as 2 weeks but can take longer during peak periods (around July, and around the most common lodgement deadline of 30 April).

AusIndustry may initiate a compliance review of the application when lodged which means that any requests for further information must be satisfied before AusIndustry send out the IR number, although compliance reviews more commonly happen at a later date. The receipt of an IR number is not an indication of the application being judged acceptable by AusIndustry, only that it has been lodged in their system.

It is possible to amend a tax return after it has been submitted. If the IR number has been received, an R&D schedule can be prepared, and an amended tax return submitted up to 4 years after the initial tax return was lodged (2 years for a small business entity).

The portal requires authorisation steps within MyGovID for staff and advisers required to complete the form. Contact us for step by step guide about how to authorise a service provider on the portal.