Accelerators and Incubators

These are organisations established to help start-ups to build their business and resolved their issues by providing access to resources and guidance that is shared amongst the participants. The terms are used very loosely, although originally incubators aimed at early-stage start-ups and accelerators at companies need help to grow commercially.

Often they are affiliated with an investment fund that gets the opportunity to review the business and invest in the successful ones (such as Sprout X the agritech accelerator that is backed by Artesian). Some are formed within a major organisation (such as Muru-D within Telstra) to look for future acquisitions amongst compatible technology developments.

Some operate in strict cohorts where entrepreneurs receive an initial investment and then go through a formal scheduled program of coaching and development such as Skalata Ventures.

Some co-working spaces operate in a semi-incubator fashion with access to expertise and shared resources, and other tenancy programs (such as the YBF), although not all of them actively act to progress their tenant companies and are more of a DIY assistance.

NOTE that the examples listed above are not recommendations or affiliations and are provided only to help you start a search for the support you may need. There are many lists of accelerators and incubators based on geographic location, industry focus, and stage of business that they work with.