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The cash coming into my business is not as good as I expected when I made my business plan. I’m missing my profit targets and I’m not sure if I should raise prices, look for economies of scale or cut costs. I need help figuring it out.

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I’m aware of the benefits I can get from the R&DTI but I’m unsure about what activities are eligible and how to calculate the expenditure. I’m also worried about being audited and what records I’m supposed to keep. Plus, I’d rather not pay through the nose to get help with all this. How do I go about choosing good providers? Will lower fees mean a poor quality service? And will the money I get back even cover the fee for these services?

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I’ve turned my idea into a business and this is all new to me. I can’t afford to pay fat fees to big providers—I’m looking to work with specialists that ‘get’ my business, know what I need and can help me at my budget level.

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I’ve got a great product and can deliver it, but I’d like some support to help me reach my potential – someone who knows how my industry works, can look over my shoulder and make sure I’m doing things right. I can’t afford to run everything past a lawyer, an accountant or marketeer so I’m looking for someone who can offer a sounding board and help me make good decisions that would otherwise be costly to reverse if they come back to bite me later.

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I’m at the point that I’m applying for a grant or to a potential investor to raise funds. My financial model needs to show what I need to spend, how I can scale and that my business can be profitable and has good cashflow. It’s going to be part of a pitch or application so it needs to tie in with all the other considerations too.

Honestly, I don’t know what this model needs to look like, what I should include and how I justify the figures I’m putting into it. I’m also a tad worried I’ll be interrogated on it and will lose out on the investment because I’ve missed something.

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I had this grand vision, and it all started out really well. However, turning this into a business has raised a whole heap of considerations. I love my idea and my product, but I’m barely spending any time working on it anymore – I’m drowning in admin instead. As I expand it only gets worse with people to manage, regulations to comply with and other stakeholders wanting data, forecasts and plans.

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Worthington & Associates are a small business advisory helping founders and directors achieve business growth. Whether you’re looking to raise capital, apply for R&D Tax Incentives or resolve cash flow issues, we offer personalised expertise and advice to take your business to the next level.

We get that finding the right business growth advisor is a minefield. So many providers, nearly identical services and no prices. What is with that? At Worthington & Associates, we are not your stock-standard business advisors. We’re strategic thinkers and practical problem solvers. When you work with us, we’ll never send you off to a junior like some *cough* big brands, nor will we outsource our work offshore to keep costs down.

We pride ourselves on being personable but professional, offering fixed fees and bespoke guidance end-to-end. Whether you’re looking to get investor-ready, manage cash flow or apply for an R&D Tax Incentive, you can rely on Worthington & Associates for honest, expert advice and solutions to unlock your business’ potential.

Not sure what you need (or can afford)? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We’re always interested in keeping good company with passionate entrepreneurs who are making changes in the world.

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